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About A.M.I.

Le Natural Product Designer®

A.M.I. (Alban Muller Group) is an expert in plants, natural ingredients and natural products, and an essential actor in the world of Beauty and Well-being.

For 30 years now, the Alban Muller Group has explored biodiversity and put it in the spotlight. Its teams have studied hundreds of plant species. The group uses advanced research in the fields of sciences of life and is currently an expert in research and extraction of plant origin active principles and in formulating top quality natural products.

Eco-Design for Beauty, Health, and Well-Being

In addition to its renown professional expertise, the group has a unique position in that it determinedly focuses on ‘Intelligent Green’ and on designing eco-responsible products. These products all come from nature and are able to compete with the molecules developed by chemical synthesis.

This avant-gardist approach is warmly welcomed by a cosmetic market which entered a new era. In fact, product efficacy and innocuousness are now guaranteed and structured by a legislation which is strictly respected by brands. The latter now has to differentiate themselves according to their ethical choices, philosophy, and values.

The Alban Muller Group was one of the first to bring its products this new dimension, working ahead of major brands; and its dynamics contributes to the international prestige of the French cosmetics industry.

Thanks to its innovations and to a unique know-how in matters of eco-design, the group has become the privileged partner of many manufacturers in the Beauty industry (natural cosmetics), but also in the Health and Well-being industries (phytotherapy and food supplements).

It can meet all customer expectations and satisfy their needs, from providing top quality raw materials to consulting and guiding them in their formulations, eco-design, and development of ingredients and finished products, research and marketing. In 3 decades, the Alban Muller Group has in fact always been a step ahead of market evolutions, thus embodying its raison d’être: Le Natural Product Designer.

A Global Eco-Responsible Approach

Bearing in mind the accelerated decrease in plant species at the heart of a fragile environment, it is impossible for a company evolving so close to nature, not to get involved in the protection of biodiversity. In order to master the ecological impact of its activities, Alban Muller favours every solution which may contribute to the sustainable management of biodiversity.

  • Using cultivated plants above all and, if they are taken from their natural habitat, applying very strict rules to guarantee picking does not endanger the plant in its environment;
  • Using natural solvents for all new references (water, ethanol, plant-origin glycerine, etc.);
  • Setting up processes with minimal impact on the ecosystem (zeodration, flash-pasteurisation, etc.);
  • Monitoring and strictly managing waste;
  • Reducing water consumption and treating effluents through Filtering Gardens (‘green’ recycling); etc.

Its commitment to continuously improve its environmental achievements, has resulted in its Cosmetic Valley site obtaining the ISO 14 001 environmental certification as early as 2004.

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